Starita Lab

University of Washington | Department of Genome Science | Brotman Baty Institute 

A significant barrier to the practice of precision medicine is our inability to interpret the genetic variation identified by genome sequencing. The Starita Lab aims to develop the technology required to understand that variation, down to the single nucleotide level. We have applied Multiplexed Assays for Variant Effect to genes important for understanding cancer risk, such as BRCA1 and genes important for understanding drug metabolism, such as TPMT. Our current goal is to develop the next generation of Multiplexed Assays for Variant Effect with richer, more informative phenotypes and the ability to assess complex genotypes.

Dr.Lea Starita

Dr. Lea Starita

Lea Starita

Dr. Starita is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington and the Co-director of Brotman Baty Advanced Technology Lab. She earned her Ph.D. from arvard Medical School before coming to the University of Washington to train in functional genomics with Stan Fields and Jay Shendure.